Endless Orgy for the Goddess of Perversion (78:00)
A comedy about the grindhouse "sexploitation" film genre of the late 60's and early 70's. Loaded with campy film clips and interviews with feaux experts.
Distributed by Pathfinder Pictures, Cargo Film & Releasing and Cinetic Media
Documentary of the grindhouse sexploitation film era of the late 60's and early 70's with expert commentary and dozens of clips.
World of Erotic Animation (29:00)
A compilation of the funniest, dirtiest, and erotic animated shorts from around the world.
Internal Combustion (In post production)
A drama/comedy about the secret inner quests for sex and spirtual fulfilment as seen through the minds of a serial killer, pizza delivery girl, bipolar woman, middle aged man, stoner, ranter, ditsy actress and a pedophile.
Click on thumnail to see a clip. (Except for Internal Combustion)
The Power of Words (05:00)
Hate is epidemic in America. Its origins and how can we help prevent the spread of it are examined. Hosted by Than Taylor.
Fairfield County Home Showcase (29:00)
A half-hour program that includes several estate tours highlighting the real estate offerings in the nation's wealthiest community Fairfield County, CT.