105 Marquee Lights Brilliance Collection ($99.00) BUY HERE
(After Effects Pro 7.0 or higher for Mac and Win. Premier Pro for Windows. No additional plug-ins needed)

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Light up your broadcast designs with this comprehensive collection of HD & SD 105 stunning marquee lights configurations: Walls, strips, columns, rows, geometrics, volumetrix lights and spots that swirl, swoop twist, spiral, turn corners & more. Includes 35 vector graphics to create your own custom lights. Using one of our walls (comps 103, 104, 106) as a base layer and a vector shape like a map, logo, text or other graphic as a mask, you can accomplish some interesting results

Add this powerful visual element to presentations, commercials, DVD menus, promos, and other formats of visual communications and motion graphics.

All the configurations are provided in both 1920x1080 and 720x480 sizes.
(With 1920x1080 you can size it down to smaller HD resolutions)

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