Over 470 individual pieces of art.
(For all applications)

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(The animated gallery included in the collection that shows you what the graphics look like is in AE 7.0 format. The graphics are in gif Photoshop format and are included in a separate folder. They can be used in all your applications)

Some form of grunge/graffiti graphics is used in almost every commercial, bumper, ID promo and broadcast design project.

This collection of over 470 pieces of HD digital art (1440 x 1080) is like the encyclopedia of grunge graphics with dozens of categores: spills, paint splatters, smudges, brush strokes, drips, blobs, swirls, organic textures, metal textures, distressed finishes, film dirt/distress, textual grunge, synthetic textures, wall grafitti, random and mechanical art and many more.

The HD size gives SD (standard definition) users the flexibility of using the art as is at 200% SD size without loss of quality.

The art can be used in all animation, composite, 2D, 3D, page layout and graphics & and all other applications that accept bitmapped art including After Effects, Maya, Flash, FCP, Motion, Avid, Quark, Photoshop and dozens of others.

System requirements