(After Effects 7.0 or higher for Mac & Win. Premier Pro for Window.
Includes 3 resolutions 740x480 and 2 HD sizes 1920x1080 and 1280x720)

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101 ways to reveal photos, video, logos and other graphics. Utilizing over 30 plug-ins that come with AE 7.0 and higher, plus custom vector masks, we've created a super great collection of graphically revealing and presenting a photo, video or logo. Each is adjustable.

Do you have a presentation or broadcast design project that includes many photos and you need fresh ways to present them? Now you can pick from over 102 reveals to use. Combine, adjust, mix and match. It's all there for you in an instant.

Its easy to replace our placement photo with your art: 1) Simply import your art into the project bin. 2) Select it and also select the placement art layer in the comp you want to change. 3) Then hit
(mac) option + command + /
(win) option + control + /

View system requirement here.