(This is a collection of jpeg graphics. Not a collection of After Effects projects. It works with any application that accepts jepgs.
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135 jpeg frames for any type of motion graphics project. Large enough for high resolution 1920x1080 and everything smaller. They come in a horizonal position, but can be rotated and rescaled in all directions without losing quality, to accomodate your art.

Using a photo manipulation paint program like Adobe Photoshop you can turn these 125 frames into a lot more by colorizing them, cutting out more from the centers, combining parts from 2 different frames together and on and on.

These frames will add some panache to any kind of project: Wedding videos, television broadcast design, presentations, party and special occasion videos, in memory of tribute videos, portrait video scrap books and more.

There are dozens of styles including: modern, baroque, glitzy, retro,wood, metal, grunge, antique, sleek, rounded, square, and everything in between.

(To put photos behind these frames you will need to open the graphic in a paint program like Photoshop and remove the black or white center using the marquee tool or in some instances the magic wand. This can be done in your motion graphics program using keying, but it may not come out as clean.)

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